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Add an OwnerDirect badge to your website and save 50% on your annual fee with That's a $50 savings every year!

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A Badge allows your site visitors to easily see that you are recommended and featured on Owner Direct Vacation Rentals. You can link to and promote your Owner Direct property page(s) from anywhere. OwnerDirect badges can be easily added to your website, blog or anywhere that you want to link to your OwnerDirect page.


  • As an owner, you must have had 2 or more completed bookings with Owner Direct, and
  • have reviews of 3 or more stars out of 5 on


  1. Add a badge to your webpage by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code.
  2. Showcase your listing to visitors and drive traffic to your property page.
  3. Save your money and earn more. Once your badge is in place on your website, we will automatically deduct $50 from your annual fee.

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Other possible badges we could use:

Owner Direct Vacation Rentals Recommended on Owner Direct Owner Direct Vacation Rentals Seal of Excellence Registered with Owner Direct Vacation Rentals Owner Direct Vacation Rentals Owner Direct Vacation Rentals


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