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While being the second-smallest continent in size, Europe welcomes an average of 480 million visitors each year. With the proximity of different countries, as well as different cultures and heritage, presenting tourists with opportunities to enjoy and experience them all in one trip, it is no wonder that Europe remains to this day one of the top picks for backpackers and travelers.

When planning to visit Europe and aiming to see most of its numerous beautiful and amazing attractions, one will have difficulty to decide on which country and places to visit first. There will always be more sights that cannot be included in the itinerary for one trip but that just means you have to come back to see more!

Here is a rundown of some of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Europe, which you might want to consider including in your next travel plans. Creating a schedule and systematic itinerary to allow you to visit places you can reach in one trip will be vital in enjoying your Europe vacation to the fullest, while covering most of its coveted treasures.

The first to include in your travel plans is Great Britain and Ireland. With its colorful culture and centuries-old heritage that has been preserved to this day, any trip to the many famous spots in these lovely countries is something you will enjoy. Some of the most notable places to see include Westminster Abbey, the Millennium Eye, Big Ben, the House of Parliament, Cardiff Castle in Wales, as well as the awe inspiring rolling hills of Ireland. While there, do not forget to check out Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and experience the double-decker bus and the London Underground.

Next stop is the equally rich historic and endlessly charming Italy. Some of the most top notch travel destinations include the Vatican City in Rome, the quaint province of Florence and romantic Tuscany. While you are there, it is also most commendable to visit as many duomos or cathedrals as you can, which in itself is a once-in-a-lifetime artistic and historic trip, not to mention many of its world famous museums that house many great artworks dating back to the Renaissance era. Do not forget to sample the famous Italian gelato and while in Rome, do as the Romans do and try out one of their many mouthwatering pizzas.

Another world famous Europe destination is France. Equally thick in age old history and culture, this country is most well known for Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Other notable tourist attractions include the Louvre Museum, the enthralling French Riviera, the exhilarating winter sports in the Alps, and the beautiful castles of Brittany, Normandy and Loire Valley. While in France, you might also want to check out is neighboring countries starting with Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland, as well as the many Mediterranean beaches and the equally fascinating Monaco.

For those who love to spend endless hours under the sun, you will get exactly that if you proceed to the next European destinations Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. Accessible to the rest of the world through the Larnaca International Airport, Cyprus has many tourist attractions people from different parts of the world will most definitely enjoy, starting with the pleasant Lace Village in Lefkara. For those who clamor for great outdoor adventures, you can do so by visiting one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the region, Troodos Mountains. For those who want to go for a swim or for a lovely beach combing experience, do not forget to stop by the Fig Tree Bay, along with many other beaches in Protaras. Those who would opt to venture into Greece would never run out of interesting place to see and visit. Start your Greece vacation by visiting the world famous Parthenon in Athens. Those who would like to engage in physical activities can always choose to try the many activities offered in Meteora, including kayaking on Plastira Lake, rafting expeditions, as well as archery, rappelling and rock climbing. While in Turkey, visitors can opt for many of its beautiful attractions. You can start with the attractive underground cities and rock-carved housed in Cappadocia or visit many World War I memorials in Gallipoli. Any tour in Turkey will never be complete without visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mount Nemrut, as well as the cotton castle of Pamukkale.

Wherever you decide to start your European travel, the experience will always promise to be one great travel adventure while giving the most convenient and practical options and ways to hop from one destination to another without burning a hole in your pocket.

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