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Keystone is a town in Summit County, Colorado. It is one of the many census-designated places (CDP) in the state. Well-known as a ski area, Keystone was designed to be enjoyed and explored by its thousands of visitors, most of them skiers, all year round. Experience Colorados stunning mountain views and the many activities it offers for the whole family.  

The town is home to Keystone Resort, the largest ski resort in Summit County. With three magnificent mountains in the area, Dercum Mountain, North Peak and the Outback, providing an excellent playground for every skier at any level, Keystone is a favorite destination during winter. Dercum Mountain offers various green beginner runs and blue intermediate runs for skiers. It features the A51 Terrain Park, which is one of the most progressive terrain parks in the area. The park attracts skiers, snowboarders and even snow bikers to practice and perform some of their tricks. The world-renowned and one of Americas best terrain parks also allows night skiing. Watching the sunset while conquering those steeps and bowls is a whole new experience. At the top of Dercum Mountain is Cat Ski Central that provides a great way to savor the scenic surroundings through a guided cat skiing tour. North Peak, on the other hand, offers some black expert runs aside from blue intermediate ones for those skiers who are looking for steeper and more difficult runs. At its peak is the Outpost, the highest restaurant facility operating in North America. Take a break and enjoy a hearty lunch at The Alpenglow Stube, Der Fondue Chessel or the Timber Ridge Food Court. This is another great adventure to be experienced only in Colorado. The highest of the three mountains, the Outback, features the North and South bowls that allow some of Colorados finest tree skiing. There are plenty of well-groomed and long slopes on this peak. Enjoy other winter outdoor activities such as tubing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling with the other three additional bowls found in Keystone Resort: Independence Bowls, Erickson Bowls and Bergman Bowls. Aside from skiing, other ways of exploring the mountains are riding a gondola and cat skiing tours.

At the heart of Keystone Resort is the River Run Village. It provides easy access to everything the resort has to offer: skiing and other activities, shops and restaurants. This is the ideal place for someone who wants to experience Keystone at its best. The Mountain House, which is the original base of the resort and is less crowded, is within walking distance of the slopes. It also has a view of the amazing Snake River.     

Keystone Lake is another attraction for all seasons. During summer, it is open for paddling boats, canoeing and other family-oriented activities. The many shops and restaurants around it draw visitors too. There are some fireworks displays over the lake every weekend and the Keystone Lakeside Village has the best spot to witness the shows. In winter, the frozen Keystone Lake is the largest zamboni-maintained outdoor skating rink in North America. The 5-acre lake turns into an ice rink perfect for practicing free and figure skating or enjoying a hockey match with friends or family. Rentals are available nearby for the convenience of visitors.

Keystone Ranch has some of the most captivating views in Keystone. There are trails for biking or hiking and a forest for the wilderness feel. It also serves as a spectacular backdrop for two world-class golf courses.

If you are looking for a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of Keystone Resort, East Keystone is the ideal place to be. Scattered with trees and stunning sceneries, it provides a perfect getaway. There is a shuttle bus available so transportation wont be a problem.

North Keystone, nestled in the Tenderfoot Mountain Range, is another wonderful getaway. With incredible views of jagged mountain ranges and challenging hiking and biking terrain, it is a great place to spend a family vacation. Some of the most well-known restaurants in Keystone can be found in this area such as the Goat and the Snake River Saloon.

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