Travel Information for Canadians

Travel Information for Canadians

With all the news going around such as government travel warnings, don’t decide right away that you’re not going to push through for that summer getaway from that popular tourist destination, or that ski trip you’ve always wanted. Advisories are for letting people know (warn or alert) about concerns that may affect travel to a specific destination. They are released for different reasons like natural disasters, political issues, wars, terrorism, health emergencies, outbreaks, and crime. After reading an advisory, it’s still up to you to decide because it won’t legally stop you from pursuing your travel plans.

Just evaluate the advisories since not all travel warning is the same or equal. Check on what danger is that destination dealing with and is the whole country or region affected, how long ago was the warning released and updated, is the warning authentic, is there an embassy or consulate of your home country in that place, and if your travel insurance an option if you decide to go. When we travel, we just want to relax, but it’s better to be informed and be safe.

Here is a list of varied websites that will inform and help you plan a safe trip by providing you with different travel news and information.

Hawaii Vacation #241479



If you want to apply, renew, or need any information regarding your passport and visa, check out these websites:

California Wine Country ID#113176


Ensure a smooth and safe passage by getting informed if your travel involves the Canadian-US border.


These websites provide information of government offices that provide consular services to Canadian citizens that are traveling abroad.

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